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OUR MISSION: To provide support for those affected by LUPUS through understanding, education, public awareness and research.


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August 4, 2015


Lupus SK is pleased to announce that Katie Thompson has accepted a request to serve as Secretary and Director on the Lupus SK Board. Katie will attend the Sept. 12th Board Meeting to commence her duties as secretary. Katie played a very vital part in making the Saskatoon 2015 WFL so successful, and we are looking forward to her future involvement with Lupus SK. Katie has also submitted her Personal Story, which can be read here.

Youth + Lupus = Fabulous!

According to the Lupus Foundation of America (, over 1.5 million Americans and over 5 million people worldwide, suffer from lupus, which is a devastating and incurable illness. Almost all of these people were and are diagnosed as teenagers or young adults. Millions of young people have this unpredictable and confusing disease during the most unpredictable and confusing time of their lives. For those with lupus, the situation may seem hopeless and that having a successful life may seem completely out of reach.

“Yet, young people with lupus can have a fabulous and fulfilling life”, say authors Jodie Nimigon-Young and Jessica Kundapur. Jodie was diagnosed with lupus when she was 13 and Jessica was 26. Like so many other youth with lupus, both were bright and ambitious, but they were unsure exactly how they could accomplish their dreams while living with lupus. They looked for inspiring and helpful information geared for young people with lupus. Finding nothing, they co-wrote Fabulupus: How to be young, successful and fabulous (with lupus).

Jodie, despite having multiple bouts of severe flare-ups, finished a Masters degree in social work and now works in health care, as well as being a community lupus leader. She says: “When you are diagnosed with lupus, sometimes the only focus is on the medical side, which, of course, is important, but it’s not the whole story. Even though they have to deal with their disease, young people also still have to deal with their homework, their friends, their parents and figure out a career path”. She adds, “No one really talks about it, but there are many strategies and tips that young people with lupus can use to help them still finish school and do interesting work”.

“Young people with lupus need to know that there are many amazing opportunities for them and that they can create unique goals”, says Jessica, who also finished a Masters degree in Biology and has traveled and lived all over the world with lupus. She adds, “Even with an unpredictable illness like lupus, there are lots of ways to creatively have a fun social life and do cool activities. There are lots of ways to have lupus and still make your dreams come true. We know for sure because we have both lived fabulous and successful lives with lupus”.

Visit for more information. The book can be purchased on


Java Talk was first introduced at the fall 2014 Symposium and further explained in the January 2015 issue of the Saskatchewan Lupine. As an informal group, those who attend network and socialize approximately once a month over refreshments at a coffee shop or restaurant. Meetings have usually been held on a Friday afternoon, however, alternate meeting times are gradually being planned to include those who cannot attend on a weekday.

Java Talk extends an open invitation to anyone who may have lupus or any other autoimmune condition, as well as to their family members and friends. Do join us at our future meetings, whether you reside in Saskatoon, or are travelling to the Saskatoon area.

For information on the next meeting, or to be added to the contact list, please contact Tracy Rae by cell: 306-262-1162 after 6:00 pm on weekdays (text messages preferred), or by e-mail at

Information on the contact list will be used for the express purpose of Java Talk, and at no time will be distributed for any reason outside of Java Talk without prior written permission.


Board Meeting 2015
Date: September 12
Location: Smiley’s Buffet and Event Center, 702 Circle Drive East, Saskatoon, SK (across from Home Depot)
Everyone is welcome.

Annual General Meeting & Board Meeting 2015
Date: Saturday, November 21
Location: Smiley’s Buffet and Event Center, 702 Circle Drive East, Saskatoon, SK (across from Home Depot)
Everyone is welcome.


"Living Well With Lupus" Fact Booklet
Lupus SK has undertaken an educational outreach project to provide this booklet free of charge in Saskatchewan, to people with lupus and their families. It has also been distributed to Rheumatologists, Family Physicians, Regional Health Authorities, and Pharmacies. If you would like to receive a copy or know of a physician or pharmacy in your area who may have been missed, please contact Irene Driedger at 1-877-566-6123 or

Lupus Information Kit
A free Lupus Information Kit may be requested at our mailing address, toll free phone number or e-mail address listed below. The kit includes basic lupus and membership information, and a complimentary copy of our newsletter, "The Saskatchewan Lupine".


Lupus SK is proud to say that we are an almost entirely volunteer-run organization. That means a large portion of the funds raised go towards the goals in our mission statement, to provide support for those affected by lupus through understanding, education, public awareness and research. A small amount only, is used for administration. That also means that our volunteers are indispensable! Lupus SK would not exist without volunteers. That is why we need you to please consider joining our team as a volunteer.

New volunteers are always welcome and there are many ways to become involved. Let us know what your talents and interests are and we will find just the right spot for you. We have a lot of fun, we feel connected and the accomplishments are very worthwhile.

If you would like to join us, please contact Irene Driedger at or 1-877-566-6123.


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